Business Engagement Models

SpyVeb Solutions, we are 5+ year old agency having Office in United States and dedicated offshore software development center in India and local presence in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia.

With more than 120+ In-house team members, we serve clients with Website Designing & Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development & Digital Marketing needs. With our Unique Development approach and two step QA process, we have catered to industries like Education, Retail/online sales, Healthcare and Manufacturing and helped them to digitize their processes by providing end to end solutions.

Having Core Development Capabilities in

Web Design and Development: PHP and PHP frameworks like Yii, Code-igniter, CakePHP, Laravel, and Zend. Open source CMS and E-commerce platforms and .NET.

Native Mobile application Development: Native IOS and Android development. IPhone/iPad/iwatch application, BLE & Beacon application. Android application development.

Game Development: Unity 3D, XNA, CryEngine, Unreal Development Kit, RAGE Engine.

When you partner with an offshore vendor in India for software development, you will be asked to choose an offshore engagement model. Choosing the right model can be critical to the success of your project, as it can not only accelerate your software development lifecycle, but can also considerably contribute to the net profit of your company. Being into this industry since 5 years and working with numbers of clients, here are the list of few prominent client/business engagement models that we follow;

Among the different engagement models Time & Material (T&M) is gaining more and more popularity, since it allows more control over the development progress and cost, instead of taking an educated guess at eventual expenses and high probability of additional overpriced changes.

During the software development process there are situations and projects that demand flexibility from all the parties involved. This model is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverable and implementation plans are not completely defined when beginning the engagement or are expected to evolve over the period of the engagement.

During the development phase this models allows you to make changes, modifications and deletions to happen along with the expansion of the project, this includes bug-fixing, additional QA and project related tasks. The payment happens through invoices which will be sent to you for the number of hours spent on the project.

It is simple to understand and provides the following advantages:

  • Flexible and negotiable budget and low risk for both parties;
  • Opportunity to pay in parts and only for the performed work;
  • Perfect for large and long-term projects that can’t predict the end product on the initial stages;
  • Development process starts earlier, since there is no need in formulating the final requirements;
  • Client has control over the project, approves or adds any task that will be implemented on demand;
  • Specifications and enhancements can be negotiated during any project stage.

This model is widely practiced and this is one of the best option to go for, if you are having a fixed set of requirements, which you have already decided upon, In other words, this model is suited for projects where the scope, requirements and deliverable are clearly defined before the initiation of the project. You will have to give your requirement documents to InheritX, our technical team will analyze your requirement, prepare project plan and milestones will also be set and the payment terms will be decided on. Your offshore vendor will then quote a price based on your requirements. Once these are finalized, the actual development process will begin.

The fixed price/Per Project model usually does not allow the integration of any upcoming changes/ additions in the requirement that was not already mentioned in the requirements document. Any minor modification/enhancement will be considered as change request and that will be charged.

The fixed price/per project pricing model involves the following steps:

  • Limit scope variance, control costs and operate within a specified budget, Get clear visibility on time-lines and milestones
  • Reduce your risk and consider InheritX responsible for the project deliverable. Expect on-time on budget deliveries provided there are no changes to scope. Technically qualified resources will discuss your requirements in detail to understand your requirements better.
  • Detailed analysis of your requirements and freezes the requirements in your document.
  • A fixed price will be quoted to you based on the finalized requirement document. The quoted price would be based on the milestones, deliverables and project timelines.
  • SpyVeb will select a resource or a team to work on your project and also decide on the testing and development processes to be followed. The communication process and deliverables will also be decided upon.

A fairly simple model, no hassle no worries. Simply, give us your requirement, our technical consultants will do the initial screen, get you the best talent to work for you.

Over the past several years, companies and individuals felt that paying offshore contract IT developers / programmers to execute their work was a Great way to get the Job done without committing to the salary, benefits, and tons of obligations that go along with hiring a full-time in-house employee. Dedicated Resource Engagement (DRE) is an excellent solution for this. We have large pool of resources available to meet our clients’ demands within reasonable time-frame. Our DRE service ensures that your need for professional IT Support is met by qualified and carefully selected individuals. An Offshore Dedicated Resource Team is customized to your requirements and business needs, and it works as an extension of your in-house staff whilst keeping optimal control over the entire software development process compared to project basis.. DRE is a good choice if you need a team of highly-qualified professionals that will exactly match your IT and business needs.

Looking at the current IT industry scenario, business owners along with creative and digital agencies are looking to get their work done by committed experts and this is where, concept of Dedicated Hiring evolves.

Dedicated hiring is considered the best model of engagement, As a matter of fact, it confers flexibility in selecting your resource as and when needed. Moreover, it keeps you away from chasing offshore freelancers with lack of commitment. As an outsourcing business agency, dedicated hiring services save you a great deal of cost besides ensuring that the quality of work.

InheritX provides you highly skilled resources for your development needs. You can select either Full -Time dedicated engagement or Part-Time dedicated engagement.

Dedicated resource engagement includes:

  • Each resource/s will work for 8 hours per day Monday to Friday.
  • Timing for the dedicated resource will be 10:00AM to 19:00 PM IST including 1 hour break.
  • 8 hours will include development, bug resolve, chat, client call, demo, reports and other tasks. Chat, bug fixing along with QA, deployment, feedback, CR everything is part of that dedicated hours.
  • In case of any special R&D from client side additional cost will be charged.
  • One weeks’ notice must be given for any new resource or addition of resource or removing any resource from task.
  • Resource will directly work with Client, Client has to allocate tasks on daily or weekly basis to resource
  • Resource will send daily/weekly status reports to client.
  • No Team lead or delivery manager will provide support for requirement discussion. They will get involved in case of escalation, sales team member will not be contacted for any ongoing issues.
  • Team will not take any responsibility of work done by any other resource associated with client directly, time spent for rectification activities will be counted in the dedicated hours as well.